Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


Not that you can see them fully here, but these are our two:


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Found cat. Sign posted on Sunderland Rd.


does anyone know the name of this beautiful cat? He visits us on a daily basis :))


Looks like Bazil. He also visits us quite regularly on Como road. He belongs to @Foresthillnick. Cool cat.


He travels far! We are on Ebsworth Street.


Oh ForestHillNick, are we allowed to feed him?


Thanks James :slight_smile:


Hmm, maybe not then. There are more photos above of him so see what you think.


Ah - it’s probably Gulliver in that case. Does he have a long meeeeooooow?


no, he hasn’t meowww at me the last couple of times I approached him. He (if male?) looks at me suspiciously though :laughing::laughing:
He doesn’t have a collar around his neck like Gulliver and he has shades of brown on his fur. Gulliver looks like he only has shiny black fur.


It could be Bazil but I cant see him getting as far as Ebsworth St - He does like a wander but crossing the South Circ would be a epic journey. Having blown the image up I don’t think it is him as Baz has a slight nick out of both ears and is a little thinner in the face.

I would appreciate if people didn’t feed him as we would like him to come home more. I know he is damn handsome and charming (just like his human) but he is to be resisted!


@SgtBiddle please tell Amie she’s not allowed to look at cat pictures on here, only jesting she loves her cats & they are so cute. She should share :+1:



We will be getting two kittens from the local cat shelter soon. I dont get to pick one of course, just look after them, feed them, clean them and run after the mice they will most certainly bring in. But if I could they would look like that! Sans the tequila and sombrero of course.


This handsome chap is a regular fixture on our shed. He just challenged our neighbour’s cat, Arlo, for this prime position:

Anyone from Bovill or Ebsworth recognise him?


He’s known as the Fog-Coloured Cat in our neck of the woods. I think he lives somewhere along Garthorne Road, but he’s got a huge territory.


This is our monster cat he is a norwagian forest cat.


Ah, he’s a fine beast. Makes me long for my late great Maine Coon.


He is a beaut! Our’s has a bit of NFC in him but yours looks like the full ticket!