Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


Nice to meet Saffy in Brockley today. 10/10 for friendliness:


Can you pls all look out for Blanket - she is a little Ocicate cat that has been missing for a few days.
She lives in Vetris Road - but her owner has unexpectedly passed away and no one has seen her.

She is a very sweet cat and we are all quite worried about her.


Blanket has been found - thank you for your help


Hi. We used to live in Vestris Road and knew Blanket’s owners well. Is someone taking care of Blanket? If not we would happily do so rather than her going to a cat home


Thank you for the offer but Blanket has been already taken in by another member of the family.


Thanks, that’s good news.


Took a moment to find the Shannon’s Garden Centre cat today…


Happy International Cat Day. Here’s some lovely tweets from our favourite political cats.


Here for your delectation, is my late moggie Spice stating the obvious through the art of box appropriation.


This is my missing kitty, Tootsie. She’s been missing since last Friday night from Westwood Park, right behind the Horniman. If any kitty spotters spot her, please get in touch! 07471 932525.




We have a garden centre in forest hill? I’d love to know where!

Shannon's Garden Centre

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Hi Vicki… I’d suggest you start a new topic on this. will often then tweet it out as well.


I have, thanks. Just thought I’d add it to the Cat Spotters thread too, just in case.




Hi, I’m aware this is the local cat appreciation thread and so I’m sure this post is going to go down like a lead balloon, but it seems the most appropriate place to ask the question:

Do cat owners feel any responsibility for where your cat goes to the toilet?

Two local cats have decided to turn my small back garden into their local toilet. On a daily basis I have two fresh piles of faeces appear. The smell is horrific and it is impacting on my enjoyment of my garden (I have deliberately not had friends around for a BBQ this summer because the lingering smell is so unpleasant).

I have spent a lot of time online trying to find ways to stop this - the upshots seem to be (1) this is a widespread problem for any of us who don’t have a cat (as your cats apparently won’t defile their own territory but much prefer to do it to someone who doesn’t have a cat) and (2) there appear to be very few proven effective solutions to prevent it (ironically the best being to get a cat).

The thing is, if a local dog owner allows his dog to foul in public and didn’t clear up after it there would be uproar and they would (rightly) be vilified. Similarly, I’m sure if someone’s dog routinely came onto your property to relieve itself you would be upset and would raise it with the owner. I struggle to see the distinction? Why should I have to spend time and money to (so far unsuccessfully) try and prevent other people’s cats fouling all over my property? What is the solution?

I’m genuinely interested to understand whether cat owners think they have any responsibility for their animal’s behaviour.

For the record, I don’t hate cats, I’m more of a dog person but I like cats (my brother has two, lots of friends have them) but I really am getting to my wits end with this nuisance.


I am sorry you are having this problem. As a cat owner I try hard to prevent my cat from doing this by not letting her out for long bursts of time and by encouraging her to visit her litter box before being let out. Judging by the “presents” in her litter box everyday, I think that I am mostly winning, however it is hard to keep and eye on them when they are outside.

There are some ways to keep them off your garden: Curry plant, lavender and rosemary are widely used as cat repellents. There are also some chemical ones in the market.
Cats also hate being sprayed with water, they think that you pee on them, so try that too. It is harmless.

Where do you live? If there is a chance that my cat has littered your garden, I d be happy to buy some repellents for you and I am sure that if you spoke to the cat owners around your area, they would be happy to do the same.

Think of the positives of having cats around. They discourage mice and rats.


Thanks for the reply - I am going to plant some lavender and (reluctantly) I think I will order a couple of the ultrasonic deterrent devices that seem to be somewhat effective. I appreciate your efforts with your own cat to minimise the risk of it fouling elsewhere, I wish all owners were as considerate. You make a good general point for cat owners which is, if your cat is not going to the toilet in a litter box every day then it is doing it somewhere else, most likely someone else’s property. And as convenient a solution as that might appear to be for the cat owner, it’s pretty selfish behaviour.

So pretty please cat owners would you all do everything you can to make sure your own cat isn’t fouling other peoples gardens. Many thanks


Our neighbours don’t have a litter tray, and their cat craps in our garden, so I discover little ‘gifts’ when I’m weeding by hand. Love the cat- she’s very affectionate, but yuck.

T’other half has just agreed to catsit for a fortnight. :roll_eyes:
Time enough to train cat to use a tray…? :thinking:


My cats are mainly indoors so don’t cause this problem but, on the point more broadly, it’s not realistic to expect cat owners to be able to control where their cats go to the loo (unless they are mandatorily kept indoors, which is not fair on cats not kept that way since birth).

I see this as just one of the facts of life of living in a built up city. I have to put up with screaming kiddies, fox crap, other cat crap, yapping dogs and other irritants where it is not practical or possible to get other people to control the cause of the problem. I’d prefer not to have to deal with it, but I accept the fact that my only choice if I live in a city is to develop some Zen-like calm and take whatever mitigating actions I can.

In addition to the deterrents suggested to you, you may wish to try napthelene flakes or mothballs (cats hate the smell). They also tend to hate foil, so foil strips around the garden can work a treat, as well as reflecting sunshine back onto your plants. I also found the rate of other neighbours’ cats deposits reduced when I allowed one particular cat to claim my garden as her territory. She won’t let anyone else near it now.


#bovill-rd’s Ollie, Autumnal sunbathing this morning: