Craft Union at the Hill?

Found this on the old Hill property on Dartmouth Rd


The Craft Union Pub Company is a subsidiary of Ei Group PLC (I assume that is another name for Enterprise Inns). My understanding is that Enterprise Inns own The Hill (as well as The Dartmouth and The Signal is a joint venture with Hippo Inns).

So it all sounds promising!


I read somewhere that Craft Union focuses on traditional boozers with sports/events but no food. I wonder if the variation might have to do with a change to a drinks only venue.

Been trying to find another pub that’s craft union but seems a bit secreted away !

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That’s great news, and with the Greyhound finally reopening in Sydenham, we will have even more choice.

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So many craft places in the area. I hope it serves food and is family friendly.

Although they have a no food policy they are trialling a food offering of pizzas and burgers. If this is a success, they may start selling food such as this in their pubs.

Does anyone know another local Craft Union pub ?

Maybe this is one in Greenwich

Ah meantime breweries. Looks like they do food.

From a bit of googling, there’s no link between this lovely pub (opened by the Meantime people) and Craft Union other than the use of union in the name. It’s a shame because the GU is a brilliant pub.

Craft Union appears to originate in the north, with headquarters in Preston. It’s a brand spinning out of Enterprise Inns as part of their response to legislation limiting the number of tied pubs.

Some interesting info here on the general change:

On the plus side it probably does offer something slightly different for FH.

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The variation is kinda weird in that it does let say what it is at all !

The Crown in Sutton is one.

I’m excited. Another good pub with decent grub and some sport would be excellent. Also keen from a purely visual point of view to have one fewer closed shop on D Road.

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The beedy eyed amongst you might have noticed renewed planning permissio statements on the front of the old Hill premises. Looks like change is finally coming! Having looked at sister pubs in Lewisham, Bromley and Penge this seems to be a chain catering for the sports crowd but that’d be no bad thing in Forest Hill as a change from the Bird in Hand.

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If only they could be open in time for Wales v England.

Beedy eyes!

The nearest Craft Union pub is the newly refurbished Pauleyne Arms Penge. I has multiple screens for sport and it’s prices are very competitive. They comparable to the local Witherspoon

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The Malt Shovel briefly caught on camera here in 1987…

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