Forest Hill Pools [2016-2018]



What I meant it was that with all the time I swam there with fins .everyone was allowed. From and it was empty…kick with fins…does not happen only if a child use it but not from a professional who know how to keep distance between other swimmers…You "think"are nice ,good for you. I bet you don t know them as much as I do. They are nice if you don t have any big issue there…and if you don t complain.simple as that.


To those contemplating a new year health kick Forest Hill Pools might not be the place to head…

At the time of writing I count 12 of the 46 machines out of order, including all of the rowing machines!

Any chance of a 26% discount on our membership fees or do you plan on fixing them anytime soon @FusionLewisham ?


We have cancelled for this reason. It’s reasonably priced yes but not fit for purpose. Best thing for me is the access to squash courts at the Bridge, although they’ve turned one of those into a martial arts room.


I had been planning to join, but will look elsewhere if this facility is so poorly run.


I’ve joined here on two occasions, two years apart, thinking perhaps it FHP May have improved overtime. It had worsened. Each member of staff I had come in contact with were either falling asleep at the desk, busy chatting with colleagues or just rude and unhelpful. The gym equipment is a mess & the pool timetable no better.
It’s not for everyone I understand, but am enjoying énergie fitness now around the corner.



I have found it really hard to engage with the team at the Pools constructively, despite (or maybe because of) being a regular user of the facility with our kids. Some of the lifeguards and the reception staff will try to help, but they seem to be battling against systems which don’t make it easy (or sometimes, even possible) for them.

I’ve said it before - it’s a lovely facility, and cost a lot of money to build / rebuild, but it just seems to be being run into the ground. Simple things like a nice cafe with decent snacks (both healthy and unhealthy) could be a money-maker and attract more people to stay after using the pools / gyms.

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