The removal of the "illegal graffiti” in the subway underpass

I’m going to ask what I am sure a lot of people are thinking, which is WHEN and WHO will remove the “illegal graffiti” and “tagging” in the underpass?
I somehow think if this was done by “youths” as a memorial there would be more outcry to remove.

I have put this under “General” topic as am not sure to where this would sit, but I am putting it out there (as I am sure the people who are responsible for it read this forum) now the memorial service has passed…

Give it a bit of time. Completely unnecessary


Hi AK8

I know who you are and we have had our differences. I don’t think this was done by “youths” as you put it. Pretty obvious to me that young people (that I prefer to call them). didn’t have any part in this.

I don’t know who put the graffiti there, but shouldn’t we have a bit of compassion and give it a bit of time as many are mourning.


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Hello Pauline, I’m not trying to hide who I am hence my username.

My statement is not that "youths’/young people put it there, but that possibly some people would have a different opinion of it being put there all this time had it been them.
I am not trying to be indifferent as I made my comment on this a few weeks ago and left it at that. I am putting it out there as I feel I do have a right as a member of this community to ask the question and I am not in anyway going to indulge a forum backlash for asking it.

If any moderator feels this is inappropriate/offensive then do feel free to remove the post.

Thank you

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I don’t feel your response is inappropriate as we all have different views and opinions.

I just think (in my own opinion) that we should give it a bit of time as so many locals cared about Stephanie, me included.

And a bit of time goes a long way.


@ak8, i’m really sorry that you find the underpass offensive, a lot of us are still processing and mourning and personally I would find removing it now - so soon after Stefs memorial just gut wrenching.

Who knows when we feel we are ready to properly let go but as I’m sure you know the “memorial” is still being replenished and looked after daily.

i’m sorry that I cannot answer your question, I just think more time is needed.

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Agree… it is bringing comfort to many. To me it would feel wrong to remove it now, especially as a part of me still expects to see her there. It’s too soon. Understand your concerns as i know volunteers have worked hard to keep the underpass looking nice and clean. Maybe start this discussion again at a later date.


I know what you mean about expecting to see her there. I can’t bear thinking about there being nothing there at all, just an empty space :cry:

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I cared about Stephanie which is why I stepped in and volunteered to organised her Memorial.

She deserved this from our community

Leaving this post now as I feel I have put my view across.


I think more time is needed, but at some point it should be cleaned up before it becomes a permanent installation. One month would be my guess.

The scrawling on the white underpass cladding (together with the remnants of an ER poster) could probably be tidied sooner though.


Long-term future it’s a missed opportunity if the underpass is not used as some kind of art space. It doesn’t need to be a permanent memorial but anything we can do to make the places we pass through on a daily basis better would help the community. The underpass in a pristine / clean state is so sterile and unwelcoming. Forest Hill could do a lot better.

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What about something like the Kidsart that was done outside Honor Oak Station? Always bring a smile to my face when I walk past.

Link here to HOP mural

@Pauline thank for all your work on this (and others) - personally whilst I did not know the lady, I’d hope something positive drawn by local kids would be a nice compromise and reflect and maintain the warmth for those that felt that when passing her, and for those that didn’t would also put a smile on their faces.


One of the tags says,’ Humans as important as animals and veg’. That’s all I’m saying…

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Rules are there to be bent. Sometimes.

This is one of those times.


I agree, it’s not harming anyone and will only be there short time.

I will help with the clean up, painting etc when the time is right for the majority…