Washing machine repairer needed for property in Blackheath

Hi. I went to do my laundry at my mums today and it suddenly flooded the laundry room. It was perfectly alright a few weeks ago (it hasn’t been used since then). The motor and washing cycle is fine, and the water wasn’t coming from the loading door - so it must be a pipe in the back of it or something. Does anyone know of a reasonable priced person who could fix it and go to Blackheath?

Hi @Gillipops - sorry to hear about your mum’s washing machine. It sounds like the waste/drain could be blocked - does it happen only when the cycle is emptying, or is it leaking even if the machine is holding water but not running?

Anyway, have you checked the previous topics on washing machine repairers for some recommendations: Washing machine repair and Dishwasher repair? (that 2nd one is titled dishwasher, but also discusses washing machines (and ovens!)).

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