20mph speed limit rollout by Lewisham Council (effective September 2016)


Michael,are you seriously suggesting most motorists will want to drive at over 30mph? Sure, there are some idiots out there but most! Slightly sweeping generalisation or have I misunderstood your comment?


As a resident of Mayow Road, I’d exclude it from your list, @Michael. We have humps galore, many near islands which make mini-chicanes. For sure people do speed on our road, but you have to make a special effort to do so, really putting the foot down between traffic calming interventions. It’s not somewhere where the ‘average’ driver speeds, only those who are determined to ignore any speed restriction, at whatever level it is set.


I was thinking more about the Sydenham end rather than after Dacres Road.

When I drive on the roads mentioned I’m sure I see plenty of people driving slightly above 30mph, and occasionally well above 30 mph. If speeds on these roads have reduced in the last few years - without any traffic calming measures, then it would suggest that the 20mph zone have had an impact on adjusting driving speeds to below 30mph, but I’m not really sure that this is true.


Yes, interesting that comments were blocked very quickly after the poll ceased to provide ‘evidence’ that the 20mph limit is widely unpopular. I wonder why…
Never mind, I’m sure we can keep the discussion going here.


There are split humps the entire length of Mayow Road, starting at the Thorpes.


So do I. Why do you think it was stopped?


perhaps because inconveniently the poll (flawed as it was) did not provide support to the arguments of its originator that the limits are broadly unpopular, in the face of proper research evidence to the contrary.


But it was put up with a chance for anyone to vote. If you don’t like the results of this poll why don’t you start one of your own, then you can monitor it and keep abreast of the results. It will be interesting to see the outcome.


No more polls on this issue, please. Not just because it is divisive of the community and the commenters all steadily hardened their preexisting beliefs, but also because I have no self control and have to read the same point over and over again.


I think some kind of ‘whiteboard’ where arguments / mitigants can be displayed diagramatically and without duplication might help with this :smirk:


Well you see that is my issue. We had a poll, people voted and some dont like the outcome. Sound familiar. Perhaps we should take Nigel Farrages newest stance and run it all again until someone is happy with the result.


You misunderstand me. I am very interested in what people think but this poll is not a representative way to find out. Yet when it seemed largely anti it was held out as supporting evidence, then when it went broadly 50-50 the thread was closed. It is surprising that it ended up where it is though since in a self selecting poll of this nature researchers would expect the antis mainly drawn from drivers to dominate.


And not the “20’s Plenty” lobby? Not dominating the discussion at all?

The poll is still open. The poll discussion was closed because of the needless animosity. The poll result can still be used as a casual indication of dissent at the 20mph limits. There’s certainly no local study that proves the borough-wide limits are popular. As @Londondrz suggested, you’re welcome to try a different poll methodology to get the result you’re looking for.


I think the point is that it looks like the poll is closed because the thread is closed. Might be worth tagging a note on the end of the closed thread to explain this (and link back to the poll itself).


Good point. I’ve updated the first and last posts of the poll.


It’s a small poll on a local web forum not Gallup poll, what did you expect?


Eh? @ThorNogson stated a fact: he’s interested in this topic but doesn’t think that poll was a good way to find out the answer. That seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable position. Nor did he ever say he didn’t ‘like’ the results. It feels like this whole conversation is at cross-purposes at this point.


Had Chris or I posted this Rachael what would you have said to either of us?


How is that relevant? That is not the part of the post you quoted that I subsequently questioned. Please remember, I am no longer a mod, so in all likelihood I would still have said nothing.

I have no problem with you challenging @ThorNogson or indeed anyone else. I just thought your last post was challenging something he didn’t actually say, and some of your previous posts suggested to me you might have misunderstood what he was saying about the closure of the comments. What do YOU think happened there? Everyone is pussyfooting around, perhaps someone needs to be explicit.


… or unpopular.