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The Forest Hill Mural
20 Nov '17

In March 2018, @Lionel Stanhope, assisted by Owain Nicholls, painted a brand new mural to welcome people to Forest Hill.


Waldram Crescent (AKA South Circular) under the railway bridge, on the Eastern side as indicated here:

The Project

The community guided this project from start (in May 2016) to finish.

Our whirlwind crowdfunder raised £2,500 in just 75 hours.

Thank you to the 69 people who generously donated to this project, and in particular to the following, who each donated £100+


  • Painting: March 23-24th
  • Risk Assessment:
    • @Lionel has liased with Network Rail to provide a risk assessment tweaked to suit FH
  • Cleaning the wall: March 17th.
  • Arrange parking for the artist’s van
  • Run Crowdfunder: 8th January, ran for 75 hours before exceeding target
  • Network Rail permission:
    • @Pauline spoke with Ed from Network Rail on 5/12 & all is good to go with them
  • Colour / variant selection
  • Selected a site: the rail bridge underpass on Waldram Crescent (AKA South Circular)
  • Lined up our first willing artist with a quote and mulitple design variants ready to put to the vote.
  • Secured permissions in principle
  • Secured our first major donors in principle
  • Call for designs 18th November - 11th December 2017
    • We have mockups from @Lionel in the traditional rail style with two colour options, and a fun walrussy variant created by @Armadillo, which Lionel has confirmed he’s able to paint.
    • A prominent local street artist responded to say she supported @Lionel’s bid so would not be submitting a design of her own.
    • A local designer has submitted a design. No artist/quote was submitted before the deadline so this design will not be featured in the vote
  • Designing the voting process
    • The (opt-in) @FH_Mural group decided how voting will work for design and colour options.
  • Initial idea suggested by @thirstforwine: May 2016


  • Painting: £2,100 for painting. Any excess to be used for contingency or donated to the Forest Hill Society.
  • Maintenance Fund: £250 for accounting reasons we’ll collect only the sum for the painting
  • Crowdfunding: Up to 12% in crowdfunding site fees + transaction fees

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