Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration

I thought I’d start a thread on this as it won’t be too much longer until the works start on D Rd.

As far as I’m aware the basement surveys have now been done @Anotherjohn’s have been.
@Michael can you check to make sure these are the latest plans please :+1:

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Thanks @Pauline, my wife and I were just commenting
last night that we hadn’t heard much about this recently - glad to see that things are still moving on.

Has any one given any indication as to when it all might be complete? I’m looking forward to walking my son to nursery each morning along a nice and shiny new Dartmouth Road :slight_smile:

As far as I know @armadillo the works are due to be complete by the end of 2017 with works starting early 2017. When I get any updates I will post them :slight_smile:

I understood that work would be starting towards the end of this year with completion before April 2017. Previously, it was supposed to have been completed before April 2016.

Does our local Councillor use this forum?


@MajaHilton is on here & I’ll ask Paul to contribute too to keep us up to date on this Mr @Anotherjohn

Is this still happening ? I saw the proposals - but nothing since…

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Yes, I think all the preparations are going on at the moment before the works start!

When I posted the first post they were doing the surveys on the basements & just last week gone they were checking where all the cables were for gas & electric supplies on D Rd.

When I asked what they were doing along the Road a bit further up from my shop they told me they were checking these before major works begin soon on D Rd so as not to damage any.

wow awesome ! => any idea when they’ll start ?

I’m not sure exactly when, they just said soon & apparently it has to be finished by the end of April next year.

Yeah just walked down hi @Pauline -)

There’s all sorts going on already !


Hey Jonah, hope you guys are enjoying the weekend :slight_smile:

Planning permission is required for the improvements on the wide pavement outside Heron House & the Job Centre because Lewisham Council don’t own that section of the pavement HH & the JC own it.

As far as I’m aware planning permission isn’t required for the rest of the improvements on D Rd as where the rest of the works are being done is owned by LC @Michael @Anotherjohn @CllrPaulUpex or @MajaHilton can someone confirm that I’m right in thinking this please :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this James.

Usual Sunday morning chaos on Dartmouth Road again today. We had to drive along the pavement just past the Sylvan Post because if we didn’t move, nothing on the other side was going to be able to move either. Completely boxed in by parked cars and what I call Busmageddon, where two buses try to pass on what is effectively a single track road.

Bring on the works, I say.


Couldn’t agree more, every week the same thing, it does nothing for the shops on Dartmouth road, or the residents trying to navigate their way down the road. It is bad enough weekdays with the odd stray car parking where they shouldn’t, but on Sundays it is just a mad free-for-all that caused chaos.

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I took this pic about an hour ago!

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I think today was also exasperated by traffic passing through the area trying to avoid the temporary traffic lights and giant crane in Sydenham, but even without these additional cars it is generally dreadful.


We were indeed avoiding Sydenham. Think it would have been quicker, crane and all.


I don’t think it’s helped by vans parking and unloading outside the florist, Boots and those nearby shops because it makes it impossible for buses to get round them. I too have been forced to drive onto the pavement outside the underwear shop just so the bus can get round a car or van parked on the other side.

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I’ve said time and time again (and Laurels agree) we need loading bays outside Paddy Power NOT outside the florist!

You are right Pauline, and traffic jams are not going to help the local businesses.

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