Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



I like the temporary traffic lights. The contraflow system seems to improve the traffic flow, possibly because it stops people hogging the road and obstructing traffic coming in the opposite direction.


Unfortunately at peak times what is happening is that the traffic heading towards Forest Hill from Sydenham is getting backed up at the London Rd junction lights and drivers are not waiting at the temporary lights to check that they can make it all the way through. Instead they are just proceeding on the green light regardless, getting backed up so far into the contraflow that when the lights change to green for the traffic heading towards Sydenham they can’t go because the lane is clogged. It’s typical idiotic selfish driving that doesn’t make their journey any quicker but inconveniences everyone else.


I look forward to walking down there next Saturday.


Yesterday there was some moron parked just beyond the temp lights which effectively meant that the buses and fire engine that were going down from Forest Hill could not exit the single lane and it was completely blocked. He seemed incapable of understanding what to do and messed around going back and forth without actually achieving anything.

He was of course politely encouraged by cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers and firemen to GTFO with his 4x4 - always nice to see Londoners coming together as one plus it gave everyone a chance to thank the Firemen for being amazing which was lovely to see


Are you popping by?

Hope you are :slight_smile:


Sadly only getting there at 6pm and around for a bit on Sunday. Will make every effort to pop in.


Re Pauline’s comments here re problems with the contraflow - what exactly was causing the obstruction? Bad parking? Or people entering the contraflow late or not clearing it quickly enough? Detailed observations now could be fed back to the contractors / tfl in case they can make adjustments to the timing of the lights and/or put some more parking restrictions into effect.


Other than people parking in stupid places the problem is caused by northbound queues stretching from the traffic lights all the way through the contraflow - so that nobody can enter heading southbound. This situation will only get worse as the contraflow is repositioned further north, towards the South Circular junction, and ensuring a queue of traffic becomes stuck there most of the time.


Perhaps temporary lights are needed at the south circular junction instead or as well, to control the flow.

The other thing that often happens with these works is that after a few days regular users start to take different routes to avoid it and things ease off.


I was going to suggest clearly marked alternative routes in an effort to divert some of this traffic. Though I would guess residents on those alternative routes might have something to complain about here afterwards.


All of what Michael said above @RachaelDunlop plus there was extra rail replacement buses this weekend.

Also the parking bays outside my shop are still in use & in the middle of the temporary traffic lights - an accident waiting to happen I think as I saw a few leave their parking spaces & almost go into oncoming traffic as they can’t see any lights!

I think it is really unsafe!


Sadly that is highly unlikely as it would interfere with the traffic flow on the South Circular. Jams are allowed on Dartmouth Road (and Honor Oak Road) to keep traffic flowing better on the South Circular - not that traffic flows particularly well on the South Circular as it is.


Which bit is the granite for ?


The granite will be at various parts of the Road going across from pavement to pavement & will act as crossings for pedestrians.


Oh nice


I don’t think there is an issue with sign posting existing routes such as go up Kirkdale (aka Forest Hill bypass) rather than Dartmouth Road, there would be an issue if you were suggesting using residential roads.

It is fine as long as you are not telling people on social media :slight_smile: , outside the school gates or in the cafe/pub is acceptable.

Slightly connected, should we be helping residents outside Forest Lodge who will have to move their 30 cars find alternative places to park giving them tips on which streets are jam packed and which are relatively clear.


I walked from the All in One to Kirkdale yesterday morning and was amused to see a black Golf stop at the red light by the road works and then just drive on. I shook my head and smiled as he reversed back having not seen the large, red double decker bus that was already coming the other way.

Some people are such idiots.


A heated discussion at the FH ward assembly this evening. Lots of anger from Forest Lodge and 117 Dartmouth Road residents who are concerned that the land they currently park on is being ‘stolen’ by the council and that they will lose all their parking spaces. A council officer explained that in the council’s view the residents will in fact still own the land but will not be allowed to park on it because it is legally part of the highway The council officer seemed to concede that the council’s consultation process had been less that perfect so far as the Forest Lodge/117 residents were concerned, but said that it was now too late to change the plans.The residents are threatening legal action

There was concern that this loss of parking will add to existing parking pressures in Thorpewood Avenue and adjoining streets. The only answer, so far as the council is concerned, seems to be to have another local referendum on setting up a CPZ. It looks likely that this will in fact happen when the current works have been completed.


Why all the fuss? Won’t the residents simply continue to drive over the curb as the do now?


I believe the council plan to install bollards to prevent parking on the residents land.

Also to add, it’s not just residents who park outside the residences along Dartmouth road but workers and visitors to Forest Hill Pools, Louise House, the library and shops. Will they stop ‘popping in’ due to lack of convenient parking?