Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration




Who issues parking penalty notices?

On red routes, parking penalties are issued by Metropolitan Police traffic wardens. On all other roads in the borough, parking tickets are issued by our parking enforcement contractor, NSL Services.


As I said, who will issue them. I believe that all of your (dwindling) local police have higher priorities. Yes I am sure they will do the odd sweep, but on a day to day basis, I doubt it. I have never seen a ticket issued on the double yellows but have seen lots on over stayers in marked bays. It makes you wonder doesn’t it.


Perhaps we’ll leave a discussion on dwindling police budgets and the affects on the community for a politicos thread. :wink:

But I read the Lewisham guidance as a suggestion the Met Police had a special division for parking on red routes. As for yellow line ticketing, I’ve seen a few tickets hugging screens in the area. I gather these services are self-funding though I"m sure some may have thoughts on that too.


The police shouldn’t be asked to enforce parking. I would hope they are trying to solve more serious crimes. The council should be able to enforce parking issues. It is better that they say they don’t bother such as with parking over people’s driveways than be half hearted in their prosecution of the law. It is never enforced so why keep up the pretence. As for Dartmouth Road, spend a few weeks showing no mercy and people will soon behave.


I agree. But I guess it comes down to jurisdiction. I didn’t think the Council had jurisdiction on red routes. Apparently the Met has employed traffic wardens for years.


Hi there!

Not sure if anyone here will know or maybe it’s a silly question, but is there a schedule for the road closures so we know which bit will be closed off when?

I’m due to have a baby very early Feb and live on Dartmouth road, will need to get a taxi to the Hospital and starting to think about where I will be calling it from and the route / traffic issues!



I fear for the day an emergency vehicle is trapped in the traffic standstill. Now the width of the road has been significantly reduced, two buses are often stuck. Every morning between Thorpewood Avenue and London Road I am passed by cyclists using the pavement, and on 3 or 4 occasions, even motorcycles, going on the pavement because they don’t want to wait in the traffic. Congratulations Lewisham Council. You have wasted ove4 a million pounds of our money in order that we can walk ten abreast on the pavement, but will burn to death if there’s a fire as the engine will be stuck in the traffic jam your ridiculous road narrowing has caused. Meanwhile, you tell residents opposite the library they cannot park outside their houses, but you have wasted money building a patio large enough to hold a tea dance.


My hope is that the narrow road will put as many drivers off as possible to avoid Dartmouth Road on their journey so only shoppers and buses and emergency vehicles can pass freely


Gem, Curtis who’s overseeing the works will be giving me an exact date for the final week (which will probably be the first or second week in March) by the end of this year. I’ll ask him which parts of the Road will be closed when during the 5 weeks prior to this & post it on here.


Hi Pauline,

Oh that would be great information, thanks for letting me know. Trying not to worry as there’s nothing I can do but with it being my first, getting to hospital without a panic is definitely in the back of my mind! I live behind the shops as you head up to the swimming pool (opposite side) so right in the thick of it!


Please don’t worry or panic as there will always be access for emergency services & side Roads will mostly be accessible during this period - worst case scenario for you is you may have to have your cab pick you up around 10 metres from where you live. The final week which will see the biggest stretch of the Road closed there will be access near you via Dartmouth Place (think that’s the right name for the side Road by Hair Lounge & Fortune Inn) & upwards from there on D Rd.

Feel free to pop by & I’ll take you to introduce you to Curtis any week day to have a chat with him & put you at ease.

I completely understand about you worrying about your first birth - I was terrified & it doesn’t help if you have extra things to worry about aswell as the norm.

Feel free to pass me your email address if you like & I can give you what updates I get during this 6 week period which is likely to be all of Febuary & the first 2 weeks in March.


Thank you Pauline, this makes me feel a lot better!

I’ll message you my email address so you can pass on the info, that would be really handy.

…silly question but can I message you privately on this forum? I can’t work out how!!

Thanks again!


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Thanks Chris xx


It is a conscious design decision to keep buses in the flow of traffic, as this helps to improve bus journey times and acts as a way of slowing traffic speeds to support the new 20mph limit

This just sounds like utter lunacy! As others have said, it will reduce traffic to a standstill every bus stop, far worse than it was before, not 20mph.
I’ve had an out-of-the-box thought - can we petition to make Dartmouth Road a red route? Bear with me here, but these are the benefits I see:

  • Give control of the road to TfL (who seem to have more sensible ideas)
  • Gives parking enforcement to a different body, who might actually do it
  • Probably lets them do automated enforcement, using a camera, like the one that can catch you if you park outside the nail bar next to the Capitol
  • Recognise it as the main route it really is - it’s an artery between two other choke points - the routes over/under the railway at Forest Hill and Sydenham. We’re not building more bridges or underpasses, so these choke points are permanent.


I don’t think that they would accept another road to regulate and maintain. The only reason that I could imagine that TFL would even care about Dartmouth Road is if it backs up onto the S Circular sufficient to stop traffic flow on the S Circular.


Post “improvements,” a stationary bus may well back traffic up to the South Circular, with the ripple effect spreading well beyond the high street.

But I’m sure the cyclists, walkers and bus-users of Lewisham Council know what’s best for road traffic management.