Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



Just took a walk up Dartmouth Rd , not having been around for a while, What a mess ?
How you managed to have a street party up there well.
Can see its work in progress, but its like an assault course to get any where ? By the Bird in Hand theres barriers all over the place.

If they have still to resurface the road as well , might be lucky if its open for the summer.
Feel sorry for the businesses that are still trying to earn a living.


Luckily new machinery means road resurfacing can now be done in a matter of hours.


And apparently being done overnight too…


Yeah road surfacing is unbelievably quick these days. They did Honor Oak Road in less than two days, and that included scraping off the top 10-15cms first, redoing all the speed bumps, re-painting all the lines. So impressive.


Indeed so. Really looking forward to a week of that racket :expressionless:


Yes I guess for local residents night work would be most annoying.
What I heard was second hand info so it may not come to pass…


I don’t see any reason that they would do the work overnight. They often do resurfacing on the South Circular overnight so that they don’t need to close the road. But when a road is closed, you can do it at any time of day (or night).


We had a letter through the door yesterday telling us we would be impacted from 8am today, although no evident mention of surfacing. Obviously nothing happened!


I hope these works haven’t been signed-off yet because the contractors haven’t finished the job. They’ve patched-in with sand & cement where there should be paving slabs.


After a brief meeting with Maja Hilton on Monday, I wrote to Les Senior the LB Lewisham PM.

There are reportedly 152 cement patches present - none of which has been replaced.

Mr Senior replied promptly to me and cc’d his response to the Kier’s team.

He was firm in his assertion that the unfinished work would be remedied by Kier’s but did not specify a timetable.

i also raised that matter of there being a need for a pressure washer clean of the new surface finishes given that a majority of the marks were left during the contractor’s operations.


I didn’t think it would’ve have escaped your attention @jgdoherty - we’re lucky to have you.
Thank you.


And my hopping over the area to count the missing flag. My kids thought I was mad. :joy:


At 152 squares, it must be one for the Guinness Book of Records as the largest hopscotch game in town.


I think we could do with a few more concrete balls on the pavement as well. I noticed today while sitting on the street chairs outside the Sylvan Post that people are still parking on the pavement and this can’t be doing it any good.


I’m glad others are making a fuss - I had written to Cllr Gibbons about the unfinished works a few weeks ago and he had written to the Lewisham head of environment. Where it goes from here I don’t know…