Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration





The road will be open to access only but would be stopped where new unofficial pedestrian crossings are. The reason for such a long time is not that it will take them that long to lay the slabs, but that it needs to cure for 28 days.


Worth noting that during the six week closure, there will be a massive reduction in bus services through Forest Hill with the 176 and 197 diverted via Kirkdale and Sydenham Hill missing FH all together going straight to Dulwich and the 122 operating via Sydenham Rise and London Road.

This will put a lot of pressure on the 185 as the only through service between FH and East Dulwich.


I think I would be more worried about when the buses aren’t on diversion. I think a lot of people would prefer to walk to Kirkdale/Sydenham Hill than be stuck on the bus while it negotiates a contraflow system on Dartmouth Road. Many people partly do this already and get off by Holy Trinity and walk down Dartmouth Road to the station or London Road.

One thing wasn’t clear on the leaflet that came through was hours of operation of the traffic lights and the working hours. Are they the same or are the traffic lights 24/7 and people working just between 8 and 530?


It’s a very good point. Given that “Two-way manual traffic control will be implemented” until phase 4a (November 2017) it would suggest that this will only be during hours when works are taking place. Which means that there may be no restrictions outside of working hours and normal two-way traffic may be allowed.

Does it really take 28 days? Would 7 days not be long enough to allow for appropriate curing for use?


I think we need a separate thread - or a separate section - or better still, an entirely separate forum - for people who know far too much about Tarmac than anybody has any need to know… :fearful:


I make no apology for blatantly bringing this subject back to the fore because of the impact it will have on the town centre for the best part of a year.

Are we really prepared for this upheaval?

Who’s got any contingency plans -
Lewisham Highways?
Lewisham Regeneration?
Local Councillors?
Forest Hill Traders Association?
Forest Hill Society?
Individual shopkeepers/landlords/residents?

Is there a case for reduced Business Rates during the disruption caused by the roadworks?

Have all of the utilities companies been contacted to alert them to the opportunity of being able to carry-out any repairs, alterations or maintenance while the road’s up?

Interested parties all need to get their heads together to try to make this as painless as possible.


The general feeling amongst DRd Traders is that they are worried about the amount of trade they could lose during this period :frowning:

Sadly FHTA don’t have any money to subsidise any losses for any individual that may be hit hard - I wish we did.

ETA I’m more than happy to help set up a meeting & invite all concerned @Michael would you be up for helping with this too :slight_smile:


I’m sure a meeting of FHTA would be valuable and I would be happy to attend. But I’m not sure what mitigation we would be able to put in place (other than @Anotherjohn’s parking suggestions). However, it would be something that is best discussed off-forum.


No probs, I’ll send an email later on & Cc @Anotherjohn :slight_smile:


Email sent to FHTA (you’ve probably got it by now) to arrange a meeting next week with @Anotherjohn CC’d @ChrisBeach is also part of our group aswell as our local Cllr’s so if I’ve missed out anything important in my email please reply to all with any info I may have missed :slight_smile:

Back to D Rd Improvements in general.

Personally I think it will look amazing when it’s done, but I really don’t hope this will be at the expense of losing any of our independent Traders during the process.

Back to the plans :+1:


We’re having a Traders meeting tomorrow evening about this, 6pm at the library. If anyone has strong suggestions about this please share & I can share at our meeting tomorrow.



So today was the scheduled first day of the D Rd improvements!

I saw minimal work going on today, but things were looking busy around 8ish tonight near Derby Hill.

No traffic problems from what I could see though :slight_smile:


Seems like most are are being done at night :slight_smile:

I don’t mind drilling :open_mouth:

Seems like a good plan to me :slight_smile:

Happening now


Maybe I don’t like the drilling, it’s bloody noisy, but seriously I don’t really mind :slight_smile:


Works have now just started to finish for the night :+1::+1:


I’ve been chatting with the guy that’s overseeing everything & he’s told me that when the Road closes for 6 weeks from 9th Jan it will be in sections over the period, so not the whole Road.

And on Friday evenings he’ll give me some barriers so we can section off an extra part of the Road for events on Saturdays during this time :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Does that mean that it will be closed in both directions or would they have an option to only close it one way? If they’re doing sections at a time, it might make sense to reduce the disruption with a contraflow rather than a complete closure.


Confused is the date January 2018?


It will be closed in both directions @Dave

@Wynell the works are taking place now, but from 9th Jan 2018 is when the Road will be closed in sections for 6 weeks.