Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know if the Dartmouth Rd improvement works will include work by Thames Water to replace water mains? It seems to me that the frequency and impact of the burst water mains on Dartmouth Rd and the damage they cause mean that these works will be (excuse the pun) money down the drain if there’s not also a simultaneous coherent strategy of water main improvements?


Yes the Dartmouth Road flood is back folks!
I do hope there is something planned…



After speaking to the main guy yesterday, he’s told me that there has been a delay with the grey slabs being delivered (from the Uk) so as this is now taking 17 weeks proper work is due to start on the 5th June - all granite etc has already arrived from China.

He told me we would get a letter today to confirm this, so here it is:


Some good news!

@MajaHilton popped in today to say she has managed to secure 2 hours free parking at Perryvale car park for 1 year while the D Rd improvements are going on.

So thanks Maja for securing this & thanks Mr @Anotherjohn for keeping pushing on this for us :+1::+1:


That is fantastic - well done, all.


Brilliant news! Well done @MajaHilton and all who pushed for this.


I want to send a massive THANK YOU to Maja Hilton for staying on this and getting it through.


And I want to send a massive THANK YOU to you too for persevering :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Here’s the notice in Perry Vale car park.


Thanks for posting @Anotherjohn
I almost had a heart attack seeing charge up to 3 hours.

It does say that the first 2 hours are free (phew), so a bit of a steep charge for the third hour.

Anyhow, I hope the message can be spread around that from 1st July 2017 for a year first 2 hours are free.


The notice is very confusing. It needs to lead with the free period, then the scale after that. Otherwise people will glance at it and think there is no free period, either now or in the grace period during the road works.


I assumed that the notice was just a legal notice, rather than a signage, which should read:

Up to 2 hours - FREE PARKING
2 to 3 hours - £1.40
2 hours until midnight - £5.00

(Replace midnight with a time that parking becomes free, if earlier than midnight.)


I agree,

The notice is badly worded. I will try and get the officers to change it.


Nicely done @MajaHilton Thank you.


That’s good news.
Whatever the wording, it is worth making clear that customers will presumably still need a ticket, even if they will be there for less than two hours. A lot of people used to be caught out in Sainsburys car park because of unclear signs. It’s probably less of an issue in Perry Vale, but it’s so galling to get a ticket when you believe you are doing the right thing.


I agree, it needs to be clearly said that there is:

  • FREE PARKING for 2 hours, but tickets still need to be gotten to show on vehicles - hope that makes sense.


The officers say that the notice of change had to be in such a format but the eventual signing will be in more sensible wording. I did reiterate that a reminder that a ticket is needed should be equally prominent.

This is a year long trial period. If 2 hour parking is popular it may become permanent. In other words use it or lose it.


Thanks Maja :slight_smile:


I’ll most certainly use it. Thanks, @MajaHilton again.


The new pavements taking shape :+1: