St German's Road

I’m looking at buying a property on St German’s Road but I don’t know the neighbourhood well. Does anyone live in the area and has some advice? Is it a nice area to live in? I’d be walking to Honor Oak or Forest Hill station when I’m back to the office, would you say it’s a safe walk in the evening?

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Yes, the area is amazing. I suppose whatever area you walk at night even day always stay alert like you would anyways.
Sadly there will always be those random people who will try luck and I hope they don’t but on the whole the people are lovely and friendly.
I for am proud to live here and have done for years there is lots of places of interest. You will grow each day and learn what fits right for you and loved ones making it more positive each time. Hope that helps Enjoy your day and welcome :partying_face:


We’re very nearby and I don’t think you ought to have any particular worries (more than anywhere else in a big English city) about walking home. You’d also have the option of picking up a 185 from FH station to save you the walk.

The little parade of shops opposite The Honor Oak pub is on the up. The road itself is quiet (despite being a potential cut-through from Brockley Rise to the South Circ) and there are some lovely houses / flats.


I guess it depends where the property is exactly - there’s a nursery mid-way and the pub at one end which could make a bit of footfall / traffic, and there’s also a potential plan to redevelop the Jenner medical centre into some housing and commercial space as part of the Lewisham Local Plan.

But the corner there is definitely on the up with Sans Store, Pizzarte and ArtDog. Dalmain Primary School has a very good reputation and is on your doorstep if that’s your thing, Cafe 41 has the 2nd best coffee in SE23 a little up Brockley Rise, then there’s the whole cluster of shops up the road a little beyond Barbur and Chandos. Blythe Hill Park is just behind you, though as the name suggests it’s up a steep hill!

It depends what you want from an area, but I could go on listing things, and that’s before reaching Honor Oak itself or going up to Forest Hill. It’s probably best to try and explore yourselves a bit if possible - not easy in the current situation, but you could get a bit of a feel by wandering around. Things might even be a bit better later on in April, if you are able to wait that long of course.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum!


We lived a few doors along from the pub on St Germans Road, and literally only moved a few weeks ago. We were there for 8 years and loved it!


  • Street isn’t too busy
  • Extremely well connected- so easy to hop on a bus or walk to station in any direction, and is almost perfectly equidistant between Catford/Honor Oak/Forest Hill
  • General facilities right on your doorstep - restaurants, small shops, doctors etc


  • The main road is busy, so it can be a bit noisy
  • If repairs need to be made to the main roads traffic is diverted along St Germans Road

Hope that helps!


We’re half way down St German’s. It’s a lovely road. No traffic noise from where we are and nicely linked for Forest Hill and HOP. There’s a bit of gentrification finally hitting this end of Brockley Rise with some great restaurants and shops recently opened.
Haven’t had any issues with crime or nuisance people in the 3 years we’ve been here. The HOP pub at the end of the road, on whole, has a really friendly clientele. Would definitely recommend.


Hello and welcmome for the forum.

I live on Brockley Rise, just a bit further down from St Germans and have always felt safe walking back at night in the 15 or so years we have lived here, much safer than where I used to live in West London.

Here are some threads that have some further views on SE23 in general you might find useful:

Good luck!

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Thank you, that’s very helpful.

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Thank you, I was there yesterday and it looked fine but it’s so hard to tell in lockdown!

Thank you so much. I’m a little worried about the Jenner Medical Centre, it’s quite close to the flat, so I’ll do some more research.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. The main road is a bit noisy indeed but the flat I’m looking at has double glazing so it’s not too bad.

The HOP pub looks lovely, and will become my local if I get the flat :smile:

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Thank you for all the links, very helpful :smile:

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